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《From Osaka》Nabana no Sato & Savor Brand-name Beef
Glittering lights illuminate the miracle world
The illumination is beyond a doubt the best part of every year. 『Nabana no Sato』, Japan’s most famous illumination event is regarded with admiration even from professional night viewing appraisers. This year’s panorama illumination is expected to be the largest scale ever with a height of 30 m and the width of 155 m. I was excited to go to see the real glittering lights in a large scale.
Departing from the center of Osaka
I started the tour late in the morning from central region of Osaka, Umeda. It is very convenient that you can choose your departure place from Umeda, Namba, Tennoji, or Shin-Osaka.
Lunch at a restaurant near Sekigahara old battlefield
Enjoy a lunch at a restaurant near Sekigahara, where it is well known as old important historic battlefield. A popular hiking mountain, Mt. Ibuki, the highest mountain in the Shiga prefecture, can also be seen behind the restaurant. At the souvenir shop, you can buy mugwort-related foods which are local specialties of Mt. Ibuki. Well, what was lunch for today? Wow, that Sukiyaki hot pot had three kinds of Japanese brand beef! How gorgeous was it! I also ate a rice bowl with a plenty of roast beef, and became so stuffed!
Now, it is the time for the long-awaited lunch! The chef trained under Michelin 3 star restaurant considered original menu! That is worthy of the name hotel of 『the world’s best breakfast』 ! I had a scrumptious lunch!
Entering Nabana no Sato
Nabana no Sato during the evening twilight was crowded with people who were waiting for the moment the light show would begin. The illumination starts all at once around 17:00, about 10 minutes after the sunset. There are many nice photo spots such as the water illumination, the chapel, and the twin trees! If you get hungry, you can buy some of the famous Yakisoba (grilled noddles with vegetables and meat). (*The light show’s time will be changed depending on when the sun sets)
Surrounded by beautiful flowers at Begonia garden
Even during winter, it is so warm here! The total area of the four green gardens make up the widest flower garden in Japan. All the year, the temperature keeps at around 26 degrees so you can see 12,000 flowers from all over the world at all times. This year a lotus pond was newly made. The lotus flower is very beautiful floating on water.
Enjoy this year’s special entertainment on the main stage
Magnificent scale and overwhelming quality! In the wide main space, complete illumination is produced with beautiful shining real bulbs, which shows a new theme every year. This year’s theme is 『the beauty of mother nature 』. Beautiful natural and magnificent scenes, which show four major unexplored regions of the world and the best scenery in Japan, are produced with lights. I was so impressed by the highly expressive 6 minutes presentation which was beyond my imagination.
Continuous tunnel of light
The 200 m light tunnel which made Nabana no Sato famous is a must-see spot! It has been the most popular spot in Nabana no Sato since its first appearance in 2006, where the warm lights melt your heart. Look at each light closely. The light is sharped like petals. This year, a new 100m tunnel with an image of the Japanese autumn was added.
Go back to Osaka comfortably in a warm bus
It was so dark when I went back to our bus. I got a little hungry, and the tour leader gave us a boxed meal of cooked rice with scallop. (The boxed meal is included in the tour fee). Then we went back to Osaka comfortably on our bus. It was a very satisfying, wonderful winter day.