How can I make reservations for the tours shown on this web-site?
You can make reservations for our tours from this web-site.
Before making reservations, you are kindly requested to check and see each tour in detail. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us by e-mail.Click here
I don't speak Japanese at all. I wonder if it is possible for me to join a tour.
We are introducing two kinds of tours. Some are tours only for foreign tourists (A) and the others are mainly for Japanese tourists (B). You can join both of them.
(A) Most of the tours are accompanied by a licensed English-speaking guide, who explains various matters in English.
(B) A tour conductor mainly speaks only Japanese. However, for some of those tours, we will provide an English (or a Chinese) speaking assistant staff.
You can check the tour conditions at each course description, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us(Click here).
Is it possible for me to join a tour alone?
We should answer "Yes and No" depending on the tours. For almost all 1-day tours, you can join alone. However, at least two participants will be required for other tours with lodging. A few tour with lodging allow you to join alone, though. Please check the tour conditions for each tour.
How can I know whether the tour will be operated or not?
You can check the status of reservations for the tours shown on the calendar of each tour on the web-site.
When and how can I pay for a tour fare?
We accept advanced payment only by credit card (VISA or Master Card).
The tour fare will be charged to your credit card at the time when your reservation is made online. Payment other than credit cards is not acceptable.
How can I cancel my reservation for the tour which I booked in advance?
What about its cancellation fee?
You can cancel your reservation online. Cancellation fee should be applied depending on the day of cancellation or changes according to our cancellation policy if cancellation/changes (such as decrease in the number of participants, departure dates and so on) are made. Cancellation fee will be charged to your credit card.
How can I get refunded when I cancel my reservation?
You can get refunded via your credit card. It will take about a month or more when you get refunded depending on the policy of the credit card company. Please contact your credit company directly for detailed information.
How can I check my booking record?
You can check your booking record online. Please press "My Page" button located on the upper right of our web-site and enter necessary information required.
Is it possible for me to deviate from the tour in the middle of the scheduled itinerary?
Yes. You can deviate from the tour in the middle of the tour. You are kindly requested to let us know in advance if you would like to do so. In that case, please note that no refund will be made for unused services.
Can you arrange airplanes, trains and hotels in Japan?
We are sorry, but we cannot arrange tickets and hotels for individual tour.
Can I smoke in a bus?
Smoking is not allowed in a bus. Moreover, smoking is NOT permitted at most public facilities like stations, hotels, restaurants, trains and so on in Japan.
Could it happen that the tour I booked might be cancelled on your side?
We should say yes. Some of the tours might be cancelled if the number of participants does not reach the minimum number of participants required for each tour. We advise you to check and see its tour conditions in advance. If we decide to cancel the tour due to lack of participants, we will inform you of its cancellation no later than 14 days prior to the date of departure for tours with lodging and by 4 days prior to the departure date for one-day tours. In that case, we will refund the tour fare in full amount via your credit card.
How can I ask you questions?
You can contact us by e-mail if you have any questions. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.Click here
I understand that those tours shown on this web-site are domestic sightseeing tours in Japan.
How can I use those tours when we plan to visit Japan?
You can use them as “Optional Tours” in Japan. Of course, you can do the sights on your own in Japan , however, it might be much more helpful and economical to join our sightseeing tours instead. We do recommend you the following procedures:
  1. Make your plan to visit Japan.
  2. Book a round-trip air ticket and hotels in Japan by yourself.
  3. Visit our web-site and make reservations for our tours online.
  4. Enjoy our sightseeing tours in Japan.
Can you put me on a waiting list?
We are sorry, but we cannot put you on a waiting list.
How can I get a receipt for my payment?
If you need a receipt, please let us know in advance. Then we’ll prepare a receipt for you and hand it to you from our tour conductor when you join our tour.Click here

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