Privacy policy

Our company's corporate philosophy is to "Create new value by bringing the people of the world together, and to contribute to the development of a rewarding and harmonious society by meeting the expectations of our customers". Under this philosophy, we respect the privacy of our clients, business partners and our employees, and in order to protect their personal information, together with complying with laws and other standards concerning personal information protection, our executives and all staff are all made aware of the importance of the protection of personal information. In order that our customers can purchase the travel products and services we provide with peace of mind, we will take the following measures.
  • 1. When using personal information, we will make clear the purposes of its use, and we will use and share it within the scope necessary to achieve such purposes, and we will also take measures to prevent its use for any other purpose.
  • 2. We will carry out the collection of personal information in a lawful and appropriate manner.
  • 3. When managing and handling personal information we will ensure that it is kept accurate and up to date, within the scope necessary to accomplish the specified purpose of use, and take other necessary and appropriate measures for the correction and prevention of the leakage, loss or damage of the personal information and other measures to ensure its safe management.
  • 4. We will appoint a person responsible for personal information management and place a personal information manager in each department to manage the personal information appropriately.
  • 5. We will comply with requests from customers for the disclosure or correction of their personal information to an appropriate extent, in accordance with our established procedures.
  • 6. In order to realize secure protection of personal information, we will comply with laws and other standards concerning personal information protection, industry regulations and social and other norms.
  • 7. We have established systems and procedures to receive and respond to inquiries and complaints regarding the personal information we hold, enabling us to respond to them quickly.
  • 8. We have formulated a personal information protection management system, and through periodic auditing, we carry out its ongoing review and improvement.

Privacy policy

Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd.
was certified to use the Privacy Mark by the Japan Institute for
Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC) in May 2007.

Established: December 1, 2004
Revised: April 1, 2014

Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd.
President: Seiji Matsuda

About the handling of personal information

We will handle your personal information in accordance with the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" and our "Privacy Policy" and we are committed to its protection.

  • 1. Obtaining your Personal Information The personal information we collect from you will be used within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes which are published or notified in advance. In the event that it becomes necessary to use the information beyond the scope of the purpose of collection, we will first contact (notify) you and obtain your consent. Furthermore, when we ask you to provide personal information, we will collect it only after we have made the purpose of its use clear and obtained your consent. Please note that if you do not provide us with your personal information, you may not be able to use some of our services.
    2. Purpose of Use of your Personal Information In addition to using personal information recorded on application forms provided when applying for a tour for the purpose of contacting you, our company and our entrusted travel agencies (stores) will use your personal information within the scope necessary for making arrangements for the tour services provided by transportation and accommodation facilities for the tour you have applied for (details of the main transportation and accommodation facilities are listed in the contract document), as well as for you to receive such services, for various procedures when on the tour, for fulfilling our responsibilities under the tour contract and for insurance procedures to secure expenses in the event of an accident, etc.
    * In addition, we may also use your personal information in order to provide you with information on our company’s and our affiliated companies’ products, services and various campaigns, to obtain your opinions and impressions after participation in a tour, to request your cooperation with questionnaires, to provide special services and to produce statistical data.
    3. Provision of your Personal Information to Third Parties (1) We will provide your name, gender, age, address, telephone number or email address, passport number, credit card number via electronic means to relevant transportation and accommodation facilities, insurance companies or arrangement agents, within the scope necessary for making arrangements for the tour services for the tour you have applied for, as well as for you to receive such services, or within the scope necessary for fulfilling our responsibilities under the Tour Contract and for insurance procedures to secure expenses in the event of an accident, etc.
    (2) We may provide the personal data we retain to duty-free stores and souvenir stores for your shopping convenience at the tour destination. In such cases, personal data such as your name, passport number and flight number will be sent ahead of time via electronic means. If you do not wish for your information to be provided to these businesses, please contact the customer service desk where you applied, and notify us prior to departure.
    4. Shared Use of your Personal Information In principle, we will not engage in shared use of your personal information; however, in the event that we wish to share its use, we will obtain your consent beforehand.
    5. Personal Information Protection Manager

    Personal Information Protection Manager

    Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd. Quality Assurance Promotion Department Head

    <Office hours: Weekdays 09:30–17:30; closed Weekends, national holidays and the year-end and New Year holidays>

    The mail form for inquiries is here

    About this Website

    The website uses an anonymous encryption technology known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) when sending and receiving personal information, such as member registrations, applications and inquiries, via the Internet or mobile phones, etc., allowing you to shop and register for membership online with peace of mind. The use of SSL does not require any special configuration on your part.

    ■ SSL (Security)
    To ensure security when you send us your personal information through our website, we use encryption technology called the SSL (Secure Socket Layer: A global standard security feature which encrypts data before it is sent) protocol to safeguard against the leakage of your personal information. By using an SSL-compatible Internet browser, your personal information will be automatically encrypted.

    ■ Cookies
    When you use the website for reservations or inquiries about our company's products, or when we serve ads by third parties such as Yahoo!, such third parties may use cookies to collect information on the browsing history of visitors to our website. Such third parties use and collect cookie information only for the purposes of serving ads. None of the information collected in such cases is of a personal nature. The cookie information, etc., collected by the third parties is handled in accordance with the third parties' own privacy policies.
    Cookies are a mechanism whereby, when you visit our website, your usage history and entered information is stored as a file on your computer, and they do not infringe on your privacy or have any adverse effect on your computer.

    ■Advertising Utilizing Cookies
    We make use of the advertising services of ad-serving companies (remarketing/retargeting functions), and we serve ads for a variety of websites on the Internet to persons who have visited our website in the past. These advertising services use cookies to automatically track your visiting history on our website; however, no information which can be used to identify you is included at all.

    ■Web Beacons
    We use a technology known as web beacons for web pages, reservations for our services, inquiries, registration for various campaigns and in emails we send in HTML format (excluding reservation-related emails). Web beacons are a mechanism in which small, invisible image files (1×1 pixel GIF image) and JavaScript are embedded in wed pages and HTML format emails to collect information on whether or not they have been browsed. With them we can accumulate information on your email opening/previewing situation and web page browsing data.

    ■ Links to the websites of other companies
    Our website may feature links to the websites of other companies. For details on the handling of personal information on these linked-to websites, please check for yourself on the website in question.

    ■Important Points
    If you voluntarily disclose personal information on the Internet, please note that there is the possibility of the information being disclosed are collected by other users. If publish personal information on the Internet that anyone can access, there is a possibility that you may receive unwanted messages based on the information that has been posted. Users, should send information at their own risk. Furthermore, Hankyu Travel International's partners and third-party companies accessible through Hankyu Travel International, collect data through their websites, services, or prizes and promotional activities, each has their own independent rules regarding privacy and data-collection regulations or activity policies. Hankyu Travel International will not assume any responsibility or liability for these independent rules or activities.
    Furthermore, Hankyu Travel International makes no claims or representations on our website about the suitability of the contents of the website for your computer environment. It is assumed that you access our website of your own free will and that you accept all responsibility for your use of this website.